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Paper on Glass (PoG) App

  • Instant Batch Report and Real Time analysis

  • Strict execution of batches, increased accuracy:

    • Batch consistency

    • Force entry of data

    • Point of entry verification, Query, Verify & Alert

    • Time stamping

    • Confirmation of executed stages

  • Automatic digital data collection:

    • Batch historian, redundant data storage

    • No missing data + Time-stamping

    • Always complete and correct batch documentation

  • Automated processing of data:

    • CQA + CPPs, Deviations, Variations, OOT and OOS

    • Audit trail: All actions, Violations, Warnings and Alarms

    • Electronic logbook

    • Non-added value tasks head-count reduction 

  • Cost reduction:

    • No large volumes of paper to manage & storage

    • No paper to print or track

    • No manual transfer of data

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